1. Requirements

--> Your blog must have 1,000+ followers via Email or Google Friend.
--> One of your other social networks must have 10000+ followers(instagram,facebook,pinterest,lookbook,snapchat,youtube,etc)

2. Free clothing on each Post

--> Free Clothing Value may varies depending on our ideal collaboration & will be Evaluated by Traffic you brings on your previous posts about Riva

3. Riva Fashion Promotion Icon to be Appear on blog

--> Riva Fashion Icon has to be embedded in your blog,which should link to www.rivafashion.com

4. Clothing Review

--> Review Draft should made by taking photos of you wearing our brand clothing within 7 days after receiving.
--> Posts Should publish upon proper approval from Riva Fashion.
--> All published posts and comments should contain links with tracking code to the product page on Riva Fashion website.
--> Please email us once you publish your photos and comments.

5.Content Rights

--> Riva Fashion has the full rights to use the content (ex.Images) shared by the Influencer in this co-operation program for their brand promotion in anyway
--> For More Inquiries on Cooperation-program,Please Send E-mail to [email protected]