How can I shop from Riva’s application?

After choosing any item and adding it to the basket from the product page you can either go directly to checkout and finalize the transaction or go back to the product page and choose more items. Once you’re done selecting the items you can proceed to the checkout page, choose your preferred payment method and complete the order. On your first order, you should expect to receive an OTP message on your phone to confirm your order on the spot, this will be only for your first purchase and for saving your account details on our website.

How can I find my size and choose accordingly?

We have a very precise measurement system that we have implicated on our size guide, all the measurements are in centimeters and it’s beyond simple to find the right size for you. You’ll find a small link to the size guide above the “Add to cart” button, after clicking the button you’ll be able to check different measurements for different items of clothing.

Do I need an account to purchase from Riva?

It’s not required but highly recommended since it will make tracking your orders and returns much easier and will help you to stay up to date with our latest collections, trending best sellers and any campaigns launched.