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Set Descending Direction
  1. Charms and Tussles Embellished Necklace
  2. Charms and Tussles Embellished Necklace
  3. Circular Charm Necklace
  4. Silver Abstract Necklace
  5. Intertwined Crystal Embellished Necklace
  6. Solid Textured Necklace
  7. Colorful Chains Necklace
  8. Faux Pearl and Charms Embellished Necklace
  9. Faux Pearls Embellished Chains Necklace
  10. Multistrand Chain Necklace
  11. Chunky Chain Necklace
  12. Curb Chain Necklace
    Curb Chain Necklace
    As low as KWD 4.90
  13. Chunky Thread Wrapped Necklace
  14. Chunky Thread Wrapped Necklace
  15. Abstract Solid Necklace
  16. Abstract Solid Necklace
  17. Crystal and Rhinestones Embellished Necklace
  18. Crystal and Rhinestones Embellished Necklace
  19. Classy Chunky Faux Pearls Necklace
  20. Multistrand Faux Pearls Necklace
  21. Multistrand Mix Necklace
  22. Circular Chunky Thread Wrapped Necklace
  23. Metallic Chunky Necklace
  24. Floral Charms Necklace
  25. Solid Bulky Necklace
    Solid Bulky Necklace
    As low as KWD 14.50
  26. Rustic Double Stranded Necklace
  27. Crystal Beads Necklace
  28. Faux Pearls Opera Necklace
  29. Faux Pearls and Beaded Necklace
  30. Ivory Marble Chain Necklace
  31. Marble Beads Charm Necklace
  32. Rustic Chain Choker Necklace