By accessing our website and app, you are indicating your express consent and agreement to the collection, processing, use, and storage in accordance with the privacy policy of any personal information which may be obtained from you as a result.

1 What type of personal information might RIVA collects?

We do collect:

1. your email address, name, phone and address once you create your RIVA account.

2. information that you might send us once you encounter a problem using our website/app.

3. customer service chat history

4. IP address, browser type, user location

5. amount of time spent browsing our website/app.

2 Cookies: RIVA use cookies for essential operations such as site navigation, presenting customized ads, allowing you to add items to the shopping cart, to provide you the ultimate user experience. However, you may manage cookies by doing the following steps:

Change your browser settings to get notified every time a cookie tries to access your computer.

set your browser to block all or third-party cookies

browse the internet through incognito mode

clear cookies after visiting our website/app.

Please be notified that disabling cookies may prevent or inaccurately display some pages of our website/ app. By accepting the terms, you agree to Riva's use of cookies.

3 Who can see my personal information?

RIVA never shares your personal information with third parties. We never transfer, sell or trade your data for marketing purposes with any party outside of Riva. However, we may share some customer information with our group of partners, government agencies and authorities when necessary.

4 What are my rights as a customer?

As our customer, you have the following rights regarding the processing of your personal data, in order to use those rights, please contact RIVA customer support at [email protected] or through our WhatsApp number +96522216688, and we will provide you with your personal data after verifying your identity.

a) Right to access: You have the right to request information about the personal data we hold about you.

b) Right to object: You have the right to object of processing your personal data. RIVA will not continue to process your personal data unless we can demonstrate either legal claims or legitimate grounds for the process which overrides your interest and rights.

c) Right to rectification: You have the right to request rectification of your personal data if the information is incorrect, including the right to complete previous incomplete personal data.

d) Right to restriction: You have the right to request that RIVA restrict the processing of your personal data

e) Right to erasure: You have the right to erase any personal data processed by RIVA in case it is no longer needed and in case you do not have any ongoing matter with Customer Service

5 Changes in privacy policy: Due to the constant changes and upgrades to our system and services, we may update this privacy policy from time to time. Therefore, we advise you to revise our privacy policy terms every once in a while to stay updated on any new changes.

Disclaimer: In no event will Armada group, its partners, employees, officers, directors or insurers be liable to any person for any costs, damages whether special, incidental, exemplary, indirect or consequential or liability of any nature resulting from the collection, use, processing or storage of personal information obtained by us as a result of your access to our website/app or any other communication channel.