Afterspa Magic Make Up Remover Reusable Cloth Pink


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  • Totally Reusable!
  • Magic Cloth That Removes Make Up With Water
  • Removes Make Up Off Your Skin
  • For All Skin Types

How To Use:

  • Suggested Use
  • Machine Wash Your Magic Cloth After First Use So It Can Work Properly
  • After Machine Washing For First Time Your Magic Towel This Great Make Up Removal Tool Is Ready To Be Used
  • Simply Wet With Warm Water
  • Start Removing All Your Make Up From The Different Areas Of Your Face And Skin
  • Look How Fresh Your Skin Looks And Feels And How Easy It Is To Remove Make Up
  • Repeat As Necessary And That's It
  • Keep Your Magic Cloth Clean By Throwing In The Washing Machine As Needed And In Each Use You Will Be Happy To Have Brought This Great Magic Tool To Your Daily Routine
  • Simply Wet Your Magic Cloth With Warm Water Before Each Use And Remove All The Make Up With It, After Each Use You Can Throw It Into The Washing Machine And You Will Have A New Magic Cloth That Can Be Reused Several Times