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تحديد الاتجاه التنازلي
  1. Solid Open Flared Abaya
  2. Drape Overlap Casual Solid Trouser
  3. Rubber Suede Contrasting Lace Up Shoes
  4. Overlap Single Breat Maxi Coat
  5. Back Pleated Loose Fit Shirt
  6. Concealed Buttoned Down Solid Shirt
  7. Contrast Details Casual Blouse and Trouser Set
  8. Solid Fitted Mandarin Shirt and Trouser Set
  9. Single Breast Prince's Maxi Coat
  10. Solid Open Pleated Maxi Abaya
  11. Asymetrical Back Open Concept Cardigan
  12. Overlap Straight Leg Casual Trouser