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  1. Multicolor Rib Knitted Sleeveless Cropped Top
  2. Organza Flowers With Crystal Beads Flat Shoes
  3. Barbie Tulle Frill Mesh Sleeve T-Shirt
  4. Barbie Tulle Mesh Printed Flare Skirt
  5. Glitter Scallop Flap Crossbody Bag
  6. Barbie Printed Embellish Sleeveless Dress
  7. Bow Tie Neck Sheer Mesh And Camisole Sets
  8. Solid Box Pleated Bow Flare Skirt
  9. Barbie Mermaid Sequins With Mesh Ruffle Dress Sets
  10. Barbie Zip Up Floral Lace Fabric Flare Dress
  11. Floral Lace Fabric Trouser
  12. طقم جيليه بأزرار مزدوجة وبلوزة كامي